Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Momentary lapse

So i have no real excuse for not blogging. I could claim that I have been crazy busy with law school, but the truth is I couldn't remember what my damn user name and password was.

Law school isn't too bad. So far actually its really easy. There is a lot of reading, but not so much that it is unbearable. I think being a history/poli sci person really helped because it isn't much more than I did in undergrad. I work harder to understand it, and it is only the second week, but already there are a lot of people who are really confused which I see as a good thing because I get it.

My first day was interesting. There are 20 first years that are from Miami- 4 or 5 really hot girls(the only ones there), a Western girl who recognized me and thought it necessary to tell me how we were what was wrong with Miami(which really excited me), Nate Witkin who is a good guy(but a big lib) and Chris F'n Tamms. Of all of the people. But as long as I don't have to sleep in his room, or go out to eat with him it should be O.K.

As far as Mac goes I don't know about that. I am playing phone tag with him, but I don't know if this is a great move. I know that no one hear supports the liberal moves of DeWine, and Mac, Statzer and Lepsky can say they were trying to help the party move right and away from career politicians, but I could see the ORP, Bush-Cheney, RNC, Right to Life, and the list will grow as I think all being really pissed off about this and taking it out on Statzer and Mac. If they win hey friends in high places, and a more conservative Senator, but that is quite a risk.

However, I don't think I will be dropping out of law school to help the campaign. Normally I help Mac and Statzer behind the scenes no matter what, but this one kind of scares me. Purn what is your group saying? I know you are anti-Dewine people but going against a sitting Republican is bad form in a lot of people's eyes(and could be a problem for those voting for speaker).(also if I come down for Duck Soup can I crash on your futon??)

Nathan, how is the fixing of our education system. Have you started doing any lobbying, or probably waiting til they are back in session?

Steven, if you post one more time about some nice place that you are while I am stuck in good old Ohio I am going to kick your ass. Just kidding.

Narco, good to have you on here since none of the rest of us are at all interesting and usually just talk politics.

Now that I have successfully procrastinated from reading any more cases I'll post more often(and shorter posts)

Talk to everyone later.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What is everyone doing?

Hey guys-
I'm in Orlando right now for national training (my second week at work). We stay very busy here working all day and partying all night with an open bar every night. Haven't been able to pay attention to politics much the past few weeks- anything interesting to discuss? What are y'all doing?

Friday, August 05, 2005

Suicide Bomber Killed En Route B Car Bomb

ok...its fake news but its still funny...