Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Momentary lapse

So i have no real excuse for not blogging. I could claim that I have been crazy busy with law school, but the truth is I couldn't remember what my damn user name and password was.

Law school isn't too bad. So far actually its really easy. There is a lot of reading, but not so much that it is unbearable. I think being a history/poli sci person really helped because it isn't much more than I did in undergrad. I work harder to understand it, and it is only the second week, but already there are a lot of people who are really confused which I see as a good thing because I get it.

My first day was interesting. There are 20 first years that are from Miami- 4 or 5 really hot girls(the only ones there), a Western girl who recognized me and thought it necessary to tell me how we were what was wrong with Miami(which really excited me), Nate Witkin who is a good guy(but a big lib) and Chris F'n Tamms. Of all of the people. But as long as I don't have to sleep in his room, or go out to eat with him it should be O.K.

As far as Mac goes I don't know about that. I am playing phone tag with him, but I don't know if this is a great move. I know that no one hear supports the liberal moves of DeWine, and Mac, Statzer and Lepsky can say they were trying to help the party move right and away from career politicians, but I could see the ORP, Bush-Cheney, RNC, Right to Life, and the list will grow as I think all being really pissed off about this and taking it out on Statzer and Mac. If they win hey friends in high places, and a more conservative Senator, but that is quite a risk.

However, I don't think I will be dropping out of law school to help the campaign. Normally I help Mac and Statzer behind the scenes no matter what, but this one kind of scares me. Purn what is your group saying? I know you are anti-Dewine people but going against a sitting Republican is bad form in a lot of people's eyes(and could be a problem for those voting for speaker).(also if I come down for Duck Soup can I crash on your futon??)

Nathan, how is the fixing of our education system. Have you started doing any lobbying, or probably waiting til they are back in session?

Steven, if you post one more time about some nice place that you are while I am stuck in good old Ohio I am going to kick your ass. Just kidding.

Narco, good to have you on here since none of the rest of us are at all interesting and usually just talk politics.

Now that I have successfully procrastinated from reading any more cases I'll post more often(and shorter posts)

Talk to everyone later.


At 9:28 AM, Blogger Steve said...

My dream project:

19 August 2005 – The United Nations today announced that Deloitte Consulting LLP has been selected to carry out a full financial and internal control review of the UN’s procurement system, following Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s decision to order the appraisal last week after irregularities were uncovered by both the UN’s own oversight office and the independent panel probing the Iraq oil-for-food programme.

Odds that I could ever get on it: 0.

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Purn said...

Anyone who wants to come to Duck Soup is more than welcome. My futon and my roomies futons will both be open that evening... It is Saturday night of homecoming though, just to give everyone a heads up. If you wanted to come for a bit (Seymour will be in town and is stopping by), then head back to oxford, that's fine too.

As far as this DeWine thing, I don't hear too much going on now. Hritz is a friend of Boehner and we might give him tacit support. I didn't see the endorsement of McEwen in the 2nd coming at all. Only thing we were offering there is moral and behind the scenes support then Boehner springs that.

DeWine did say that 'Boehner's dead to me.' after the endorsement so why not take a few swings right back at him, eh?

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Nathan said...

I'll be at duck soup.

Maybe Boehner can put his expert campaign manager on Hritz's staff...?

Matt I have eliminated the acheivement gap by 25% after only a month. I have also done some minor lobbying plus helped to frame a message for conservatives. Keep me updated on law school.

At 10:14 AM, Blogger Matt said...

So I finally figured out why one guy in my classes looked so familiar. Do you guys remember Brett Buerck? He worked for the governor, Speaker of the House, and about 500 other campaigns. He also was believed to be in about 500 scandals, well he sits right by me in everyone of my classes. I thought I recognized him, and I looked it up on line to make sure it was the same guy, and they had a picture of him coming out of the court house after being questioned by a grand jury. So I figure he can help me start my illegal campaigning. Seems like a really nice guy.

At 10:42 AM, Blogger Steve said...

We all knew you'd be headed this way Matt, congrats. colvin, are you joking or are you really going to be there for duck soup?

At 2:01 PM, Blogger Nathan said...

oh i forgot for a second that I'm in NEW YORK CITY...I guess i won't be there unless FOJB flies me in (which they could do) so I can help out.

At 3:32 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Legal Question:

Joe gets drunk at Bob's Bar. Bob is the bartender. After they close up Joe(still obviously drunk) and Bob sober agree to have an indian wrestling match. As a result of this match Joe suffers injuries to his fingers which make it difficult for him to lay brick, his chosen profession. Is Bob liable to Joe for the damages? Would he be if Joe was not drunk?

I want to know how you guys would rule and why? I gave my opinion and just got treated like I was a nut job, but I thought it was pretty reasonable so I am hoping you, of all people, agree with me. Maybe I am nuts.

At 4:21 PM, Blogger Steve said...

No, in neither case is Bob liable because Joe willingly entered into the wrestling match. It doesn't matter that he was drunk- if you can't handle the responsibility of being drunk then don't do it!

That's just my opinion, and it seems pretty obvious... what did your prof say? Always blame someone else, right? ha

BTW, you are nuts no matter what you said.

At 8:34 PM, Blogger Matt said...

That is of course exactly what I said. That he willingly drank the alcohol, and that he should accept anything that he willingly does as a result of his mind being a little off, because of his drinking. My exact words being take responsibility for your own actions. WOW wrong thing to say. I really did not think that was that controversial. I got about ten people telling me how right wing that was, and that we can't be taking advantage of the weak(drunk). haha Different school same old crap.

At 8:52 AM, Blogger Purn said...

I'm drunk now.

At 9:52 AM, Blogger Nathan said...

Brad, sounds like your are fitting right in at FOJB.

Nolan, I'd agree but that would require personal responsibility...but (excuse me here) what about rape...? Same cicumstances but Bob asks Joe to bend over and Joe really doesn't know whats going on...thin line I'd say...But I mean...I played a bartender in Lux at Blackjack (me and him head to head) lost like 40 euros...should I get it back? nah, i was the idiot.

Here is one Marco gave me:

True story. Mining accident. 5 guys trapped in the mine. Like 5 rescuers die trying to save these guys. They are in there a long time and agree to draw straws to determine which one gets killed an eaten. All enter the agreement. The guy that loses is the guy that came up with the idea, so they follow through with the agreement.

Eventually the men are saved (I think a few more rescuers might have died) and then tried for murder. All the survivors were found guilty and hanged.

Should they have been tried for murder?

Also, when you think about 10-15 people died when all was said and done. More rescuers died than men trapped in the mine which is kinda nuts in itself.

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Steve said...

I asked my coworkers, they all agreed with us. I'm am really surprised, this doesn't even seem that controversial.

Nolan: You going to be in town this weekend? i'm going to the game, let's meetup

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Narco said...

How do I post a new thread? I can't figure this out...

At 4:23 PM, Blogger Steve said...

You have to go to logon from there, and hit "new post"... we had the same problem.

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Purn said...

I'm going to be in town Saturday tailgating for the game. Give me a call if you want to meet up.

Also, if anyone wants to come to Duck Soup, let me know... You'd be comped. No free drinks though. Cash bar.

Wow, finally sobered up. Guess I can drive home from work now.

At 9:09 AM, Blogger Matt said...

Purn and Steven: I am coming down this weekend so let me know what the plans are. I am coming down Friday after class. Just let me know what all is going on, and when and I will be there.

I had the exact same question regarding the gambling. I looked up a bunch of cases, and each one said no the dealer/casino were not responsible, but at the same time each one involved a casino, and not a personal game. I haven't looked up one's involving individual games, but I would guess it would be the same. Clearly this is a complete contradiction, but that is about all I have learned in Torts so far is that the whole damn thing contradicts itself.

As far as the guys in the cave, I don't know if that is still good law. On the one side it could be compared to assisted suicide, which I think technically is manslaughter. On the other side there was a case around 1900 where a guy pulled another guy infront of himself so that he wouldn't be hurt by a bomb, and the court ruled, and it still stands that if you are acting to save your own life that you cannot be held liable.

Looking forward to this weekend, and Purn you guys can comp us some damn drinks. What do you need the money for??

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Steve said...

Wait, what city are we talking about for this weekend? "The game" refers to the Miami-OSU game in Columbus. Are you guys going to be in Columbus this weekend?

(i'm here already, no work today!)

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Purn said...

I'm coming to Columbus. I have no idea what Nolan's talking about.

No work today? Man, what a cushy job you have... Also, what the fuck are you doing up at 9:22 am on a day off? Shouldn't you be sleeping off your hangover?

At 3:36 PM, Blogger Nathan said...

I really don't understand how you can be off work if your job consists of laying on the beach for the entire week...

I'd say you are either responsible for your actions while drunk or not...the law needs to decide, you can't decide well you are if hurt someone else you are responsible but if you hurt yourself then you aren't responsible...well ok, maybe the law can be ambiguous.


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